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I had commented on these awesome stakes earlier and this photo speaks for itself. These stakes are not only durable, but they are versatile. They can hold a magnum honker floater and then go all the way down to a standard blue wing teal! There is no question in my mind that this is the most innovative tool in not only in waterfowling, but in the whole hunting industry! Keep it up DCVR!!!

I have used these awesome products in the past and am planning on using them this year in Sioux City, Iowa. We mostly hunt on public land that is mostly water, but occasionally hunt alphalpha and corn fields. Instead of buying full bodies, we just used these dcvrs with our floaters and they looked awesome! We shot alot of ducks and honkers over them in both fields and shallow water. Hopefully i get some more pics in from this season and i will share them with all of you! Thanks DCVR!!!!

When you chase waterfowl like the Hunt Or Die TV crew does, you need versatile, dependable products! Thanks to DCVR, we can adapt to any situation from deep mud to frozen ground without adjusting any of our equipment. Gone are the days of drilling 500+ holes for fullbody stakes on days like this one. With the Dual Stand we can use the same stand for multiple types of decoys and any conditions. It has saved us hours of time in the field, allowing us to effectively follow the birds and stay beneath the migration!

I wanted to let you know I harvested a turkey over the weekend over DCVR Dual stakes. It was a 21 pound tom with 3/4 inch spurs and a 8 1/2 inch beard. I was hunting in Ladysmith, WI where our cabin is located. We scouted the day before and found the field the turkeys like to visit during the times of 10 AM to 4 PM roughly. I hunted in the morning without success. Then the storm the weathermen called for rolled in and it rained all day. I went out into the corn stubble field I had scouted previously around 9:30 AM and set up two decoys, 1 hen and 1 Jake about 15 yards to the Northwest of me because I knew the turkeys would come from the East. I tucked into the fence line and called for a while without response. Around 11 AM, 3 hens and 1 Jake walked 10 yards from me and I let them pass. Around 1 PM, 4 toms, 2 jakes, and 5 hens entered the field where I didn't expect them to come from (like always). I knew it would be hard to call the birds from a real hen but tried anyways. When the birds saw the motion in my decoys they became very interested. I called and slowly but surely two toms and the jakes worked towards my decoys. I let the turkeys walk around in my decoys for about 1 or 2 minutes before putting my sight on the biggest tom in the group and pulled the trigger, the shot was perfect and the tom went right down. I immediately called my dad who was very happy for me and we took turns carrying it back to the cabin. By the time we got back we were soaked but it was very fun anyways. This weekend was definitely one for the memory books.

My name is Cam Martzahl and I am from Hortonville, WI. I am 15 years old and have been waterfowl hunting since I was 7. I would go along with my dad on his hunts before I was old enough to hunt with a gun.

This year my friend and I really took our waterfowl hunting seriously and harvested about 200 ducks and 60 geese on mostly public land. We would walk miles in any weather conditions for a duck or goose, we will do anything for a good hunt. We invested a lot of money in our equipment and enjoy scouting and preparing for the hunt as much as we enjoy the actual hunt. We take great pride in our equipment and advertise all of the products we have. Many of our friends go out and invest in products we tell them about.

This year I saw your products and thought they were a great idea. We have a lot of floating duck and goose decoys but cannot afford full bodies. We do a lot of public land hunting in marshes but we do occasionally hunt in dry fields which is when we would need your product.

I heard about DCVR in a YouTube video and researched it. I thought it was a great idea. I have not seen any of your products in our area but would love to show them off to other waterfowl hunters, I know many people that would enjoy the product.

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