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Mike Pifer





My name is Mike Pifer, and I’d like to introduce myself as just a “good ole boy” from Kentucky, who like you, lives for the times to do what I love; hunt and fish.  It’s hard to remember a time when I wasn’t enjoying the great outdoors.  It truly is my passion.  Whether it’s hearing that early morning gobbler and getting chills down my spine or shooting my limit of ducks at sunrise in beautiful North Dakota, the outdoor industry is where I was born to be.

I’ve always been one to try and find new uses for things, or alter something to make it better, and it is this trend that led me to DCVR.  I am proud to say that I am not just thinking about ‘superior outdoor products’ anymore, but am making them available to outdoor enthusiasts like you.

The mission at DCVR is that when you purchase our products, you’re buying a guarantee that has been tried and tested, abused and misused, yet still performs in the field as it was intended.  Proudly made in the USA, DCVR products withstand the test of time, but more importantly give you assurance for many successful hunts to come.  It is this simple promise that will be put into every product we manufacture that bears the DCVR name.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing DCVR for your next outdoor adventure.  Whether it be in the field, woods or water, we wish your time to be safely spent, tags filled and fond memories be made.

Thanks and good hunting,
Mike Pifer

Pro Staff

Rob AllenRob Allen

Rob was raised in Western Kentucky in the bottoms of Ballard County, where hunting was practically in his blood. He was fascinated with hunting from the first time he help a gun. Dove hunting was a family tradition in the Allen family, and is where it all began for Rob.

He packed an empty 4-10 at the young age of seven and began packing it loaded as a soon as he gained his father's approval at the age of eight. Rob followed in his father's footsteps, trekking through the ridges of Ballard County, becoming infatuated with waterfowl hunting. At the age of ten, his father purchased the Golden Goose Hunting Club, which the pair soon renamed Father and Son Hunting Club. This name was chosen because they put their heart and soul into building this hunt club into what it is today.

Rob and his Dad wanted to share their pride and joy with passionate hunters around the Midwest, particularly the youth. Since he turned 19, Rob has been dedicated to helping with local youth hunting in Ballard County.

Rob started out as a mouth caller until he was 12 years old. These days he is a short reed man, with his double reed duck calls.

In addition to waterfowl, Rob has been fortunate enough to go on hunts for other game such as Wyoming Antelope, Coastal Brown Bears and Georgia Quail. He loves spending time in the field with family and friends, but more than anything, he loves the challenge.

Corey Eisenback (Bucky)Corey Eisenback (Bucky)

Born and raised in Fisherville, Kentucky to a family of avid hunters, Bucky was destined to be ate up with hunting from the get-go. Bucky found himself tagging along behind his dad and grandfather in the dove field as early as three years old, and it wasn't long before he was hooked. For most kids, Christmas morning was the most exciting day of the year, but to Bucky it was opening day of duck, deer, dove, squirrel, turkey, and rabbit seasons.

Getting sleep the night before opening day was out of the question. At the age of eight Bucky's dad had gained enough trust in him to let him pack a single-shot 20 gauge around the dove field. That following duck season (in 1984), he packed that same gun down to his grandfather's farm pond for his first duck hunt. The walk back to the barn was awesome, as he was packing a big fat greenhead. To this day that same pond is Bucky's favorite place to hunt and he hunts it every chance he gets.

During college he realized if he planned his class schedule right, he could squeeze in a hunt almost every day, and that's exactly what he did! To this day Bucky attributes those numerous hunts to many valuable lessons he has learned in life; persistence, patience, and perseverance being the top three. After all no all lessons in life can be learned on a chalk board.

Bucky has also been fortunate enough to hunt pheasants in Iowa with his grandfather, dad, and brother for the past 26 years, as well as traveling to the Dakotas for the past three years.

In the off season he is consumed with planting food plots and building elevated enclosed deer blinds on their farm. He enjoys the preparation almost as much as hunting itself.

Today Bucky is married to his wonderful wife Becca, whom he proposed to on a duck hunt. The proposal was performed while kneeling beside a mallard duck decoy with a ring screwed to its back. He figured as long as she knew how obsessed he was with the sport, she would understand and support his hunting passion. Bucky feels fortunate that his wife understands and supports his passion for hunting. Without her support, their two boys Gavin and Reid would not get to experience the same things Bucky did as a youngster. Hopefully Gavin and Reid can shoot their first duck over that same old pond their Dad once did. Bucky looks forward to many years spent hunting with his two boys and his wife!

Chris WolsieferChris Wolsiefer

For Chris, the madness started at the age of nine in a flooded field off the Wabash River. He and his Dad rode in a canoe, and his cousin and his son in a boat. Although he didn't shoot anything, he knew this was going to be something he would love for the rest of his life. To Chris it's not the killing of limits, but the pure enjoyment of being in God's country and trying to fool the birds into a bunch of plastic. That is more exciting than shooting.

In 2008 Chris started the Folded Fowl hunt team, which consists of 6 extreme water fowlers. They will go through just about anything to hunt birds. To them, waterfowl season lasts all year. At the end of official season they start building blinds, painting decoys, or trying to find more property to hunt. They have also started some competition calling which can take up some time.

Chris' family consists of the love of his life Rachel, his daughter Amelia, and his son Jack. Amelia just went dove hunting with him for the first time this year. She is only 3, but lasted 3 hours and loved every minute of it. His son is 15 months and has just started making sounds on a duck call. Better watch out.

Mason StroudMason Stroud

Born and raised in Southern Indiana, Mason was taught to put 100% into everything he attempted! He went on his first hunting adventure at the age of eight, tagging along with his dad and grandpa; mostly into the woods after some whitetail. His true passion started at the age of 13 in a family owned goose pit where he fell in love with waterfowl hunting.

He loved the way the birds would cup their wings as they descended int the decoys, and the sound of a hen mallard, and the chatter of a flock of geese. These were things that got Mason's blood flowing. He drove his parents crazy with the purchase of his first duck and goose call. He was in the duck boat or goose pit every chance he could get.

In the fall of 2008, Mason became a founder and member of Folded Fowl Hunting Team / Outfitters. He and his fellow team spend hundreds of hours every year working on anything and everything that revolves around waterfowl hunting. They are just your average hunters that love spending time outdoors and working on equipment. They build custom boat blinds, blow in calling contests, and are always coming up with new inventions for the sport that they love!

At the age of 22, Mason is now engaged to his high school sweetheart Kelsey, who is very understanding of his waterfowl addiction. He has hunted everywhere from the US to Ontario.

"I believe by being a part of the DCVR Team I can represent a superior product. I have faith in their product and hope to make many new friendships. I am all about the community and the evolution of waterfowl hunting, and I believe in setting a good example and putting my all into everything I am a part of."



Gabe Wece   

My hunting career started sitting in a tree stand with my dad every weekend of the Illinois bow season. As the years passed, I started to hunt everything I could including deer, squirrel and turkey. I would carry my bow with me even when I wasn’t hunting. At that moment, I knew that I would want to hunt the rest of my life.

I was invited on my first duck hunt by a man from my church, thinking I would go with him a few times and it would just be another species I added to my list of hunts. The summer after that hunt, I began to pick up a duck call and just mess around on it, not making any reasonable notes. I entered my first calling contest that September. As I went on a hunt with my dad a few weeks later, I killed my first duck, a drake Ring-Neck. In that hunt I also killed a teal and two drake pintails. It wasn’t a full limit, but shooting a duck was all I needed to get hooked.

As the next year came, I hunted a lot, just fueling the fire and sending my determination through the roof. I started to place in a few calling contests in multiple states. That next August, I won my first goose calling contest in Peoria IL, and went on to win a few more contests in Illinois and Arkansas. All this was practice for the World’s contest in Easton, Maryland, where I placed in the top 5 in both duck and goose, finishing 3rd in the World Jr. Goose and winning the Jr. Mason-Dixon Regional Duck. This was a great confidence booster going into Intermediate World Duck as well as a great way to kick off my duck season.

It was around this time I was asked to become part of the DCVR Outdoors team. When asked, I immediately took the offer, knowing I was going to be using some of the best products on the market. I hope to represent the waterfowl industry by showing that hard work and determination will put you on top, whether it is on the contest stage or in the field. I am also proud to represent DCVR Outdoors and be a small part of the company that has the same values as I do, and makes Superior Outdoor Products as well. 

Bill Patnode

Bill Patnode

I was born and raised in western New York where I spent my early years chasing squirrels and rabbits. It wasn’t until the age of 15 that I was introduced to the wonderful world of waterfowling.  Once I heard the whistling of the wings and saw the high speed action I was hooked for life.

Ten years later I moved to northern New York.   I now reside in Hermon, NY with my lovely and supportive girlfriend. In my full time career I am a heavy equipment mechanic/welder. In 2010 I formed Final Flight Outfitter which is my part-time job.  It has led me around New York State chasing the whistling wings. Whether it is chasing divers on the raging St. Lawrence River or surprising a wary flock of honkers in cut corn field, I am always up for the challenge.


Eric Gallup

Eric Gallup

Eric resides in Pueblo, CO.  His passion is hunting and the outdoors, and has been doing so for over 25 years.  His areas of expertise include Waterfowl hunting, Antelope, Deer, Elk, Fly Fishing, and Game fishing, but his favorite species to hunt are ducks and geese.  You can find Eric in the field just about any day season is open, and when season is out, he’ll be fishing.  Areas he hunts include the Pueblo reservoir, Eleven mile reservoir, John Martin Reservoir, La Juanta, and Lamar Colorado. He also travels to Illinois each year for waterfowl and deer.

Eric started his career in the Army in 1999 after being drawn.  After training, he served 4 years, 2 of which he was deployed.  He then went to recruiting duty for 4 years in Michigan. He eventually volunteered to go back to the infantry because he missed the brotherhood and camaraderie of leading soldiers in battle. He was stationed at FT. Carson Colorado and deployed to Afghanistan and saw a lot of people hurt.  Many of the wounded were good friends and hunting buddies. He knew it would be hard to get them back out and enjoy what they loved no matter the cost or time involved. He witnessed the stress incurred by those of his buddies whom had lost their limbs at battle.  He then started his own fly tying shop and held seminars for them. He was even able to teach some of the afghan people how to tie flies and they used them to catch fish in the river and were pretty successful.

After he deployed home he was faced with a divorce, dealing with posttraumatic stress.   As it all piled up he was given the idea from God to give back to the ones who had served their country and he decided that he would start a guide service dedicated to Wounded Veterans.  Eric currently runs the Wounded Veterans Waterfowl Club, where he takes Wounded Veterans on guided hunts for at no cost to them. Eric and his team pay out of pocket for all costs and have no regrets. He wanted to give them a chance to get back in the fields and hunt again no matter what he had to do. He was overwhelmed with everything going on in his life but this was his way of dealing with stress, for both he and the wounded.  His friend Corey is in charge of marketing and is currently still in the Army and has been a great asset to the club. The club’s goals are not to make money but to make a difference in people’s lives by building a relationship that will never dwindle or fade but grow stronger as the days pass.